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Again you would expect a Lab mix to live longer than a pedigree Labrador, and therefore you could hope for at least an average Lab length lifespan of 12 years or more. The Labrador parent should have a clear eye test of less than a year old, PRA clear, cumulative hip.
Notowania giełdowe, wiadomości, komentarze, rekomendacje, analiza techniczna, opinie ekspertów, komunikaty spółek, wyniki finansowe spółek. Diet & Nutrition Basics For The Labrador Retriever.

In fact, many dogs enjoy vegetables and some types of fruit as much as they seem to enjoy their dog food.

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Labrador dogs require many of the same vitamins and minerals as humans to be healthy and maintain shiny coats, good teeth, bones and muscles, as well as keep energy levels up. Now, having said that, you may have made the deliberate choice to purchase a mix, and you’ ve settled on the best Lab mix for you and your family.

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In this case, I would assume that you’ ve bought your dog from a good breeder, and it was just a simple matter of asking to see the parents in order to confirm that you were, in fact, buying the offspring of two purebred dogs of different military working dogs ( war dogs) : Labrador Retrievers in the Vietnam war. The Labrador Retriever was the military' s choice for their Combat Tracker Teams ( CTTs).

Combat Tracker Teams consisted of one Labrador and four or five men: the handler, an observer, one or two cover men, and the team leader. May 21, · Doglopedia - Labrador Retriever The Pet Collective. Unsubscribe from The Pet Collective?

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List of Labrador Retrievers. The Labrador retriever is the most popular breed of dog ( by registered ownership) in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

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The breed is exceptionally affable, intelligent, energetic and good natured, making them excellent.

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